Numberfit has worked with over 40 schools in the South Bucks and London regions since 2010. We work across the age spectrum from Early Years to KS3 and across the ability spectrum from SEN to G&T. All of our sessions are delivered in line with the National Curriculum and our programme is proving to be a hugely successful initiative. Further supporting research that shows active children achieve higher academic success.

Pupil Premium and Reporting

  • Numberfit provides support for your FSM in a cross curricular programme
  • Numberfit impacts attainment and engagement in numeracy
  • Numberfit and class teacher write a sessionly report with granular detail on prespecified children and their progress
  • Numberfit provides a detailed report for the school to demonstrate results with regards to attainment and engagement and overall impact of pupil premium spending
  • Numberfit can target the individual needs: Social, emotional and academic of children involved
  • LEA Pilot

    Over the academic year from 2012/2013 Numberfit was commissioned by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) Local Education Authority (LEA) to run our programme as part of the National Curriculum at local schools.

    For more information see our... Case study

    Content and Curriculum

    All of our sessions are directly in line with the EYFS and National Curriculum. We work with schools, mathematics bodies and professionals to ensure that we mirror teaching methodologies that your school will be teaching.



    In order to run our sessions. All we need is an empty school hall and a group of children ready to learn. We arrive with our team of coaches to work with children across the ability spectrum. Our sessions are a well paced mix of:

  • Differentiated mathematics lessons
  • Active problem solving
  • Integrated activities solving maths in energetic games