Numberfit takes off at Phoenix High School: KS3 Case Study

“Ambitious to succeed, Inspired to achieve”

Phoenix High School's motto sums up exactly what our partnership aims to deliver. In a vibrant multi-cultural school, named as “Outstanding” by Ofsted in 2007/2008; with a huge emphasis on creating a holistic educational experience for their students, Numberfit has been introduced to help two year 7 classes to engage, enjoy and be educated in mathematics. (Our first secondary school project.)

A truly fantastic school, being run by some really remarkable educators and thanks to their progressive approach to education, are looking to use Numberfit to achieve multiple outcomes with one strategic partnership.


6th form students giving back to lower school

Unlike previous Numberfit work in schools to date, Numberfit will be working in collaboration with a group of 6th form students who will help run and deliver the hour sessions to the year 7 students. With this opportunist approach, the school as a whole benefits two-fold, in that of their year 7 students and that of the 6th form student teachers as the educators.

With training being completed weekly on the curriculum and sessions we deliver, the 6th form students led their first session on multiples, factors and primes this week.

In what can only be described as a huge success, we look to enhance our partnership scheme further. We have currently taken on 16 ‘6th form’ students from various courses, who have all studied mathematics at Phoenix High School, who will be bridging the gap between teaching and learning with the help of Numberfit.

Sessions will follow our successful format and content, which will be overseen by our senior coaches. We have been asked to provide Numberfit primarily for two differing year 7 level students.

An integral part of our programme is making sure we cater for and differentiate accordingly. Each topic we teach is differentiated by level and we provide progression for students learning at different levels and pace throughout each session.

Similar to our work at Old Oak and Avonmore Primary Schools, commissioned by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Local Education Authority, we are quantifiably and qualitatively recording the effects of Numberfit in the national curriculum at Phoenix High School.

After the first term we will have findings from our new venture at our first Secondary School but until then the initial signs point to another Numberfit success and new channels available to help innovate education in the UK and mathematics.

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